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Critical thinking

“Being a critical thinker is both attitude and intellectual skill; that is, one must choose to act like a critical thinker and master the analytical techniques employed by a critical thinker. Some of these attitudes and techniques include:

  • being open-minded
  • being objective
  • seeking root causes
  • viewing a problem from multiple perspectives
  • giving a fair hearing to evidence on multiple perspectives
  • suspending judgement until all pertinent information has been heard
  • listening to contrary views
  • changing conclusion in the face of compelling information.”

[Dick, W., Carey L. and Carey J.O., 2009. The Systematic Design of Instruction. Sevent edition. Page 18.]

Home design

Are you re-designing your home? Or just like to get some inspiration for future projects? check following sites and suggest some more that you may know!

Print on demand

Are you considering to ‘print something on demand’? Maybe T-shirt? or Mug? Or do you think your art is worth more? Here are some links to sides which offer ‘print on demand’ of diverse products that you may consider useful too:

Mugs, Accessories, Clothing, Gifts, and many more …

Fabric, wallpaper, gift wraps and more …

Paintings & photographs, but also postcards, books and others

Do you know some more to suggest?

Good and more profound review of some of these pages can be found here: http://www.artpromotivate.com/2012/01/top-print-on-demand-websites-list-2012.html


I guess everybody would be able to define somehow what the plagiarism is, but do we really know to distinguish the little nuances? Here is short video summarizing 10 most common types of plagiarism:

And here is very useful module/tutorial on Plagiarism from Indiana University after which one can take exam and get certificate of completion:




Solving world problems via games

Believe it or not, there are people in the world who never played online computer games.

And there are people who spent on such games more than 10,000 hours before reaching age of 21 …

I didn’t have very positive image of computer games in general, including online games, but this presentation opened my eyes about so many opportunities there are about how  to use experience from virtual world for solving the real world problems … just watch.

… this is called creativity and contagious enthusiasm

The connected leader – what it means?

Another interesting (and short!) presentation about leadership – this one by Harold Jarche (http://www.jarche.com/)

I especially connect with this quote: “The constant demand for more controlled processes (e.g. compliance training) fails to build resilience into the organization”


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