where to share large audio files on the web?

For recently conducted Knowledge sharing workshop, I was trying to find the way how to share on the web (for free) some audio recordings from our teleconferences which contained very interesting examples and stories.

Moodle, which we use as a workshop platform does not support upload of files of more than 8MB. My audio recordings are around 45MB (1 hour teleconferences). I tried eSnips (www.esnips.com) which offer 5GB of free space. What they don’t say however is that there is daily bandwidth limit (nowhere explicitely mentioned, but possibly something aroun 100MB only). Therefore this wasn’t the solution. Through searching the web I arrived at ODEO (www.odeo.com) – but either I am tired or blind, I didn’t find the way how to upload files there … Third and last try – www.mediamax.com – it seems that they offer good service for reasonable price, however … I didn’t succeed to purchase one month ‘Elite’ subscription – maybe my credit card is corrupted or who knows.

At the end I have uploaded the files to my old good personal website (paid) in the Czech Republic (www.pipni.cz)


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