Akwaaba Ghana!

Arrival to Kotoka international airport was a pleasant surprise – no long queues and quite efficiently working immigration and custom officers. Or was it just my luck?

But although it was already past 8pm, transport to the Helga’s guesthouse (somewhere in the East Legon) was more than an hour long. I am the only guest in the guesthouse which is just ‘close to be finished’ construction. It has some advantages (very calm and clean place) and disadvantages (many services, including shower and telephone, are not yet working smoothly). The room has AC which is really quite essential in this hot and humid climate.

Shuttle bus for the conference (e-Learning Africa) was supposed to pick me at 7am in the morning. When it was 7.45 and shuttle still no where to be seen, I have decided to take a taxi as the conference center is supposed to be just 15 minutes away (if there is no traffic).

‘If there is no traffic’ seems to be a non-sense as there is always traffic in Accra. The 15 minutes finally lasted 1 hour and 10 minutes. But the return to the guest house in the evening (by official shuttle service) was even more interesting. Bus driver had no idea where the place is and more, he was very shy to ask anybody. Hence I ended running through the dark streets in the heavy tropical storm, trying to remember some orientation points from the morning. By 11pm we finally found the place. Telephone line is still dead …

Transport to the conference venue in the second day was another odyssey. We have been picking and waiting for another about 8 participants accommodated in various hotels. Many of them lasted up to 15 minutes … Air condition was not working in the bus (driver said something like ‘too much dust’) and the temperature was continuously growing. When we finally reached the conference center at 8:45 (2 hours after I left from my guest house) thermometer in the bus was showing 31C …


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