Pope, Milk and rainforests …

Castro theatre in San Francisco Dec 23, 2008
Castro theater in San Francisco Dec 23, 2008
December 23rd on the Castro street in San Francisco. The queue in front of Castro theater is quickly growing as this is the last day of presenting the new movie Milk in this movie theater. Its exactly here, in Castro street of SF, where more than 30 years ago the movement for the gay rights culminated when gay right activist Harvey Milk was elected to public office in California, as a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.
Today the theater was full, mainly people of mid-age generation and older. Theater itself remembers a lot and it is national cultural monument. Many G&L couples and many of them surely remember the time here 30 years ago. Those gray-haired men and women were in  their 20s or 30s and some possibly participated in the demonstrations prior to Harvey Milk’s election and year later when he and SF mayor were assassinated. Times have changed since then … but did they really?
Final day of Milk movie at Castro theatre
Final day of Milk movie at Castro theater

Thirty years after gays and lesbiens got some of their rights in US, they again lost them after the referendum in 2008 (proposition 8). Is society turning its back towards the human rights? Or is church getting stronger? Maybe … Pope Benedict 16th is now giving the same importantce to saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour as to saving the rainforest from destruction (Pope’s end-of-year address to senior Vatican staff). Extremely shameless statement from a representative of the organization that doesn’t feel ashame to ask for money even the poorest of the poor in developing countries while its functionaries are living in wealth (not mentioning all the other controversional acts of catholic church). Maybe the Milk movie presentation should have happened some weeks before the US elections. Maybe … But it’s never too late. Change is what world needs!



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