Greyhound to Los Angeles

Downtown LA
Downtown LA

During my Christmas stay in US, I had to travel from Oakland to LA for couple of days. Looking at the airfares (cheapest at US$ 150) I have finally decided to go by bus. Greyhound was the easiest option as its station isn’t very far from the place were I am staying in Oakland. Buying ticket through internet was easy and final price was US$ 75 for return ticket. However being used to very comfortable  spacious overnight buses in Mexico I was dissapointed. Very little space for legs, the swingback couldn’t move more than 5 centimeters and the reading light didn’t work. So the 7 hours night travel was rather uncomfortable.

Yellow-chevroned Parakeets in LA
Yellow-chevroned Parakeets in LA

My visit of LA was very short hence I have seen only small part. LA downtown is not really impressive. Spanish is more common than English – I actually felt like being in DF ;o))).  One interesting thing was observation of yellow-chevroned parakeets (Brotogeris chiriri) bevy right in the city center. Second day we went to Santa Monica beach and I have seen also other parts of town which looked better. The public transport is bit cheaper then in Oakland ;o), but  … the 2 pesos ride in Mexico city cannot be beaten at all.


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