Ohh … this international travelling!

My travel from Delhi to Johannesburg was with Emirates. Gosh! I have really enjoyed flying with Emirates, excellent professional service, flights on time, so many movies and music, delicious food and even plug for my laptop on Boeing 777-300! I found my favorit airlines ;o).

Though the airport in Dubai is not the best one – e.g. I have been looking for a plug to recharge my laptop for nearly an hour anf In finaly gave up.

I have spent one night in Johannesburg waiting for connection to Maputo. My choice was Safari Club Guesthouse on Pomona road (http://www.safariclubsa.co.za), just 5 minutes from the Tambo Int airport. Excellent, calmĀ place in African design, very friendly staff, wi-fi internet connection (although little bit unstable), huge breakfast and reasonable price. It was great start of my return to Africa.

But what a surprice in the following morning at the airport. The SAA flight to Maputo was oversold and I had the bad luck to be the one that had to wait for next (afternoon) flight. How can this happen if I bought the ticket a month ago? Big buuuuuuu for South African Airways. This unfortunately means that I have missed one of the important meetings that I came to attend at AGM, but what to do … next time I will try some another airlines.


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