Music connecting the world

Today my friend Nancy White shared in her Facebook the link to bellow inserted video. I couldn’t resist and have to share this master piece of art (music composition and voices) and technology (created virtually from individually recorded perfomances). If this is possible now, imagine what more can be done … our communication and joint creativity is connected accross space and time.

The blog post author, wrote:

If you’re looking for inspiration for your collaborative audio projects, check out the video below of a choral piece constructed from 250 individual performances. For this unique project, each person seen in the clip submitted a video of themselves voicing a part of the composition “Lux Aurumque,” composed by Eric Whitacre. The individual videos were then edited together and the stunning result was uploaded to YouTube. 

And then there is this smashing site PLAYING FOR CHANGE – connecting the world through music Project that started 4 years ago and goes since then presenting musicians from different continents, cultures, streets, religions, but having all the gift of music. See their first video with which the project started:

It’s thousand times better than ‘XXX got talent’ ;o)))


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