Where are photos from my Flickr used?

Are you curious about who, where and how uses pictures from your Flickr? yes, me too 😉

Indeed one simple option is to Google ‘Flickr’ and your Flickr ‘user name’. Dig little bit deeper (not just first 10 results) and you may discover surprises.

Other option is to go your Flickr account stats => Referrers and follow incoming links. Usually most referrers comes from Flickr itself, Google, Bing and Yahoo search (and Google, Bing and Yahoo pictures), but bellow are usually few links going to specific referral sites. The sad thing is that you can only see referrers  for one particular day (use arrows on sides of the date to check other dates) and that you can only go about 40 days back.

It seems that at this moment Flickr doesn’t offer more aggregated or older statistics for referrers.

do you know more? please suggest.


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