ohh … this international travelling 2

I am sitting in Starbucks in the transit of Dubai international airport and watching the mixture of people around – arguing young couple from Europe, two arab guys in traditional dresses listening to music from their mobile phones, one elegant african lady reading book and group of young possibly japanesse students taking group pictures – all sipping Starbucks coffee.

Just couple of minutes ago muezzin finished the noon prayer song. Outside is bit cloudy, here inside bit cold due to aircon. My head is tired – travel from Maputo was hectic. South African Airways flight 145 from Maputo to Johannesburg was delayed more than 90 minutes and Maputo airport didn’t have aircondition (over 30C and 90% humidity in the room with about 100 another people is not desirable experience!) After landing in Johannesburg we have been waiting 10 minutes for the stairs to get out of the aircraft. SAA staff on the ground  was rude and absolutely unhelpful. Although it was still about 40 minutes before the departure of my connection flight to Dubai, the check in was already closed … next Emirates flight to Dubai is at 10.30 pm, but fully booked. I am on the waiting list and will have to pay the fee of EUR 100 for “missed” previous flight. Still trying to talk to SAA staff in the transfer desk and also by phone with SAA client center, but with absolutely no success. This is a second VERY bad experience with South African Airways within a week – I will try to eliminate this airline from my travel itineraries in the future. Anyway, the two Emirates attendants (Patricia and Brigitta?) were trying their best and finaly I am on board. I wonder where is my checked in luggage … In Dubai I have to wait 6 hours for new connection to Paris and hope that will be able to catch last Air France flight to Prague.

BTW: I have just discovered that FLICKR is blocked – site falls under prohibited content categories of the UAE’s internet access management policy … But Youtube works …how strange is this world!

FLICKR - blocked in Dubai
FLICKR - blocked in Dubai

Ohh … this international travelling!

My travel from Delhi to Johannesburg was with Emirates. Gosh! I have really enjoyed flying with Emirates, excellent professional service, flights on time, so many movies and music, delicious food and even plug for my laptop on Boeing 777-300! I found my favorit airlines ;o).

Though the airport in Dubai is not the best one – e.g. I have been looking for a plug to recharge my laptop for nearly an hour anf In finaly gave up.

I have spent one night in Johannesburg waiting for connection to Maputo. My choice was Safari Club Guesthouse on Pomona road (http://www.safariclubsa.co.za), just 5 minutes from the Tambo Int airport. Excellent, calm place in African design, very friendly staff, wi-fi internet connection (although little bit unstable), huge breakfast and reasonable price. It was great start of my return to Africa.

But what a surprice in the following morning at the airport. The SAA flight to Maputo was oversold and I had the bad luck to be the one that had to wait for next (afternoon) flight. How can this happen if I bought the ticket a month ago? Big buuuuuuu for South African Airways. This unfortunately means that I have missed one of the important meetings that I came to attend at AGM, but what to do … next time I will try some another airlines.

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